Getting the exclusive story of The Beatles breaking up (without realising it), being in the right place at the right time, and what he hopes his legacy will be - this, and, um, so much more, as Aussie icon (and legend) Molly Meldrum joins me for ramble number 8. So much gratitude to him for sitting down with me.

Reenacting Monty Python sketches with THE John Cleese, becoming the legendary Spartacus and how he met the love of his life. This, and so many much more, as my very dear friend, and great actor, Liam McIntyre (Spartacus, Killing Fields, The Flash) and I sit down on a Saturday night for a mouth jiggle. It gets jiggly.

The missing subjects at Hogwarts, using social media to promote your brand and the importance of creative expression via an oddly beautiful analogy involving a spit valve. Join the host of podcast 28 Plays Later ( & ABC's Steam Punks and former Triple J in-house pop culture junkie, Paul Verhoeven and this guy for your Tuesday ramble.

Touched by Fev, Oddball & Have You Been Paying Attention? These are just some of the shows you might associate with Tegan, who steps into the pantsless studio for episode 5. We discuss how important it is to really be yourself (to find out what makes you stand out), the value of being multi skilled in show biz, and her first ever joke. It's a cracker (ish).

Gold Logie winner, Molly Meldrum actor, World Record Holder (for longest distance traveled on a unicycle), former Secret Life of Us star and voice over extraordinaire Samuel Johnson pops into the studio having just finished being Molly Meldrum. We get to reminiscing about our time together on his charity road trip, Love Your Sister, the importance of having a mission in life, and Sam's belief that heaven may in fact be on this little blue dot we call earth.

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