What makes the man behind TV series Wilfred, silly? Just how "Woody Allen" is Lowdown? And how important is it to be multi-faceted and pro-active in the Australian Film Industry? This, and plenty more insight, as Adam Zwar is Coming Up Next.

Why do we do what we do? Consumer Psychologist Dr Paul Harrison understands this for a living. And so I get him to go deep into my brain, and tell me why I've chosen this path, and what leads any of us to make the choices that we make. Brain explosions abound, friends!

What do ABC's Recovery, Star Wars Episode 2 & Celebrity Big Brother Australia have in common? They all feature this week's guest, as Coming Up Next, is Dylan Lewis! We go deep into his love of all things music, the meaning of the word "Ubuntu", love as a tangible energy & a wonderfully....wonderful fruit joke. Come get silly, friends.

A small residency as new pop-group The Chantoozies, Young Doctors to Sex/Life and the importance of being comfortable in your own sexual presence - this, and an epic spiritual adventure, as Tottie Goldsmith is Coming Up Next!

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