October 27, 2015

E016 | Ben Abraham (Singer)

Writing an EP over an 8 year stretch, performing with Sara Bareilles & having the balls to go for what you want. This, an acoustic performance, and so much more, as Cinematic Folk singing sensation Ben Abraham enters the chat cave.

October 20, 2015

E015 | Rhys Muldoon (Actor)

Being on House Husbands, Secret River and Playschool (almost all at the same time) is what one might call "a diverse slate". Enter Rhys Muldoon, who gives his thoughts on life as an actor, God and living with a heroine addict & prostitute. Pull up a pouffe, ottoman or stool. It's time to get jiggy.

Living a life by your own design is not for the faint of heart, even for an architect. My life long family friend, Warwick Mihaly, joins me in the philosophy chamber, and we get into the real stuff - like what super powers we would have, the similarities between show biz & architecture and the idea that life is about leaving a legacy. Kick off your shoes, and come for a listen.

If you were a 90s kid, you watched Spellbinder, and saw this week's guest on a regular basis. Currently touring with Strictly Ballroom the musical, Heather Mitchell drops on by and gives me the inside word on developing Strictly Ballroom with Baz Luhrmann, her 35+ year career and what Rattus, of "The Ferrals", was really like.

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