November 24, 2015

E020 | Kat Stewart (Actor)

Playing Roberta Williams, a journey through Red Stitch Theatre & being a mum. What an interview to mark episode 20 of Coming Up Next, as one of the top actors in the country drops into the chat cave, and we get deep in the silly.

Sir Ian McKellan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Juliette Binoche, Ang Lee... Are just some of the names who employ this week's ramble buddy to work with them in the Alexander Technique. Come for a special behind the curtain look at one of the world's foremost acting teachers, as I sit down with the wonderful & warm Jean-Louis Rodrigue.

Lowdown. This Is Littleton. The Agony Series. One of Australia's most prominent writer/directors joins me on the weekly ramble. We chat about her adventures, from a director's attachment on Queen of the Damned, to collaborating with her husband (Adam Zwar) in their production company, High Wire Films (and featuring a little detour via transcendental meditation).

November 3, 2015

E017 | Joe Pane (Life Coach)

At age 35, changing careers to follow your heart & dreams may seem like a daunting prospect - and it is! But sometimes, you have to feel the fear, and do it anyway. Join me and life coach, Joe Pane, as we get deep into the philosophies of life, chatting about how we can really value ourselves, making courageous decisions and being a superhero. Me superman. Him batman.

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