February 23, 2016

E033 | Lisa Scott (Producer)

Lisa Scott is one of the most established drama producers in Australia, her career already spanning 25+ years. Her recent credits include two of the three highest rating dramas on the ABC in 2014, Janet King & Anzac Girls. We get chatting about her adventure up the ranks, equality in the TV business & her thoughts on the future of TV.

The day before Tropfest 2016, I sat down with founder John Polson to chat about the recent events, the origin & the future of Tropfest, along with some of the standard silly stuff. I was also lucky enough to chat with fellow finalists Hugh Clark, Angela McCormack & the team of Tristan Klein/Nick Baker, on their respective films & processes. SO MUCH SILLY FUN!

PS. You can watch my film, Waste of Time, RIGHT HERE -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76oyCFZDFbg

Opening for Dave Chappell, going to law school & his first day on The Daily Show! That, and a spiritual, off road adventure, as Ronny Chieng is Coming Up Next!

With 10 days until the Tropfest submission, Ben Nicholas, the man behind the highly successful web series, Footballer Wants a Wife, and a former series regular on Neighbours, called me up and asked if I'd like to make a short film with him. This is our story. But mostly his story. We ramble.

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