Madonna, Britney Spears & the Kardashians are just some of the names that have shared this man's work. R.M. Drake (@rmdrake) is one of the most prolific modern day writers going around. His words are deeply profound, and his story is incredibly compelling. That, and we get silly.

I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me, Women of Soul, The Stonnington Jazz Festival... I couldn't quite believe my luck when I was invited to turn the PBS studio into the chat cave, to interview Chelsea Wilson!

That Sugar Film, Love My Way, Balibo & How I Met Your Mother. Join Damon Gameau & myself for some epic rambling through his career, life, love and sugar.

Shaddap Ya Face is the most successful Australian produced song of all time. What was it like to create something so prolific? And sustain a career for decades? Joe Dolce enters the chat cave, and boy, do we get deep & silly.

To celebrate the life of Channel [V], former host Osher Gunsberg drops by to share some awesome memories. What went on behind the curtain of Channel [V] & Australian Idol? What was the inspiration for his name change? And what was the epic advice His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, gave him? Tune it. Subscribe. It’s Coming Up Next Podcast!

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