Underbelly, Rush, Glitch... It all began with RENT the musical! Plus, Rodger & I come up with a new feature film featuring Tom Cruise & a dog, we chat about his amazing career in Australia and then there's the silly...

Justified actor, Damon Herriman, joins me this week, to talk about Dewey Crowe, working with David Mamet & Al Pacino in the theatre world, Clint Eastwood & Leonardo DiCaprio in the film world, and his thoughts on success, life & being silly.

Working her way through ASIO, we delve a little deeper into Molly Sasson's incredible life. From the Cold War, to the current day, and also - what makes her silly? Tune in! Part One available here - http://www.comingupnext.com.au

Being a spy & working in counter-espionage was all in a days work for Molly Sasson. Her book, 'More Cloak Than Dagger' (Connor Court, 2015), details her career through the RAF, Mi5, Mi6 & ASIO, during some pivotal moments of the 20th Century. Come this way as I ramble on, and she tells me her incredible story.

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