MasterChef, Crunch Time, The Weekly Review... Alice In Frames. My old high school chum, Alice Zaslavsky, and I, catch up for the first time in 15 years, and chew the fat, so to speak. She gives me the inside word on how MasterChef Australia runs, from audition to completion, what her life was like growing up, embracing her Jewish heritage, and where she is headed to next. PS. It gets silly.

Humans of Twitter is a prolific podcast run by Steve Molk. Three times a week, he releases an interview with an extraordinary human being, with the only prerequisite being, they must be on Twitter. I turn the microphone around on him, to find out about his journey through podcasting, and then... what makes him silly.

The Simpsons has been a through line for anyone who grew up in the 80s, 90s, and beyond. There are two guys in Geelong who have put their knowledge of The Simpsons to exceptional use. For part two in the cUnderground Creative series, I look at podcasters who are making waves. First up - Four Finger Discount.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Coming Up Next, I went to a couple of guys who inspire me on a regular basis. Nick Colla & Chris Hocking, better known as the "LateNite Films" guys, are making waves in the next generation of Australian Film/TV makers. With contrasting entries into the business, they have established a formidable team, and have an awesome (and silly) story to share. 

Mamamia founder, Mia Freedman, joins me in the chat cave to round out the first year of Coming Up Next podcasting!! We chat about her podcasting in Australia, being the youngest editor of the Aussie Cleo, establishing Mamamia, and, of course, what makes her silly.

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