Ali's Wedding (his film), Good Muslim Boy (his book), die hard Bomber (his football team)... Are just some of the things you might associate with this week's guest in the chat cave, Osamah Sami. Osamah opens up about his childhood, coming to Australia, cultural differences, language barriers, supporting Essendon... And he shares some amazing poetry. Lets get silly!

MasterChef Australia Season 5 winner Emma Dean joins me for a ramble of epic proportions, wherein she takes a dash of hard work, a sprinkling of risk taking, and adds a whole lot of chutzpah, to create a winning recipe. Success is, after all, about being a completionist, not a perfectionist.

August 16, 2016

E059 | Carla Bonner (Actor)

Steph Scully has been Australia's sister for over a decade. Neighbours star Carla Bonner joins me in the chat cave this week, telling me all about her epic journey to Neighbours, her experience working on the show, coming back to it, using her platform to affect positive change, and (you know it) what makes her silly.

Kenny, the janitor with the heart of gold, was a lot closer to home than you might think. Join me and my guest this week, the ever inspiring filmmaker, Clayton Jacobson, as we go down memory lane, looking into his career, balancing a creative life with family, the making of Kenny, and what (else) makes him silly.

Ryan O'Neal, aka Sleeping At Last, has one of the most prolific creative outputs of any contemporary artist I've come across. He releases new, original material every month, and regularly has his music featured in film & tv shows. Since he is one of my favourite musicians, I was pretty humbled when he agreed to be on my show, and talk about what makes him silly. Songs featured in this episode include Saturn (off the Atlas album), Turning Page (featured in Twilight), and his cover of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).

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