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September 20, 2016

E064 | Scott Stabile (Love)

Love. Fear. Two words that bind us all. And Scott Stabile wants to spread as much love as possible, and help people unshackle themselves of fear. Find out more (including his book, for even more loved up goodness) at

Underbelly, ANZAC Girls, House Husbands, and winning the Heath Ledger Scholarship. We hit these notes, and get down into faith, nudity on screen, and, as always, what makes her silly. This week, Coming Up Next... Anna McGahan!

Eskimo Joe is one of the biggest bands to come out of Australia in the last 20 years. Here, the lead singer gives some insights into his and their creative process, his debut solo EP, Hope Street, a story about overdosing on acid, why he loves writing about heartbreak, and how he finds himself being silly.

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