From Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler", to Ang Lee's "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk", blended with a childhood watching mind bending horror movies. This one is for the film geeks, both established and aspiring, as producer Frank Murray joins me in the chat cave.

On their road to winning 2 Grammys, Snarky Puppy learned that the best way to deal with obstacles, was to turn them into opportunities. On an awe-inspiring episode of Coming Up Next, front man Michael League drops by to explain.

This episode features Snarky Puppy tunes Shofukan (We Like It Here), Binky (GroundUP), and Grown Folks (Culcha Vulcha). 
October 11, 2016

E067 | Steph Rice (Swimmer)

3 Olympic Gold Medals. 3 World Records. But what if Stephanie Rice's swimming career was a stepping stone to a much bigger life? Steph makes Coming Up Next history, when she becomes the first athlete to jump into the chat cave. How did it feel when she won those three gold medals in Beijing? What does this inspiring woman believe is the definition of success? How has she navigated a spiritual awakening since departing the pool? 

Storytelling. Adventure documentaries. Sustainable change across the globe. Strap yourselves in for an adventure this week, as Gone Adventurin' & LateNite Films founder, Jacqui Hocking, joins me in the chat cave.

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