Innuendo the movie, the debut independant feature from Finnish filmmaker & actor, Saara Lamberg, has just been completed. Here, she shares her story, moving from Helsinki to Melbourne to follow her heart, and fulfill her artistic passion.

Lets Talk About. Lessons From The Grave. Tropfest. Growing up with parents in the public spotlight can be a double edged sword. Matilda Brown, daughter of Australia's prolific show business duo, Bryan Brown & Rachel Ward, has storytelling coursing through her veins. But forging her own identity has certainly been an inside job.

November 15, 2016

E072 | Kirsty Stark (Producer)

Wastelander Panda. A Month of Sundays. From opperating the video split, and working in the camera department, to being one of Australia's most notable up & coming producers, Kirsty Stark brings immense value when she enters the chat cave of Coming Up Next!

The Bamboos. Cookin' On Three Burners. Touring the world. Her new album, Family Tree. Being a mum. When Kylie Auldist is Coming Up Next, things get fierce. Tracks played in this episode (all off of the Family Tree album): Sensational; Waste of Time; Family Tree.

DDP Yoga Now is one of the hottest lifestyle choices on the market. Here to talk all about that, creating a positive mindset, WWE, WCW, and The Resurrection of Jake The Snake... Coming Up Next, 3 time WCW World Heavyweight Champ, Diamond Dallas Page!

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