Snarky Puppy's frontman, Michael League comes back to the chat cave to talk about his new project, Bokante. Bokanté – meaning ‘exchange’ in Creole – is eight outstanding musicians from four continents. Their debut album, Strange Circles, goes from a Zeppelin-esque blues stomp to folkloric Caribbean kaladja. Lyrically, it reflects struggles we all face, and what Bokanté wants to see in the world – connection, unity and love through exchange. And now, they’re taking that sound around the world. You can purchase their album at

Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson is the rabbi of Beit Baruch and executive director of Chabad in Belgravia, London. Mendel was an editor at the Judaism Website— and is also the author of the popular books Seeds of Wisdom and A Time to Heal. You can find Rabbi Mendel’s writings at, and his books are available at

Theme song composed, performed and produced by nicholas marks, featuring Yotam Ben-Or (Harmonica) and Almog Sharvit (double bass)

Summer Heights High. Angry Boys. Open Slather. Laura Waters is the woman behind one of Australia’s foremost production companies, Princess Pictures. She’s the woman behind the man that is Chris Lilly, having produced all of his shows, and establishing herself as one of the preeminent figures in Australian film and television. One of her latest projects, My Year 12 Life, which we talk about in this interview, is available to watch on YouTube, and you can get the Chris Lilley collection on iTunes, which includes Angry Boys, Summer Heights High, and We Can Be Heroes. 

Crooked Business. Don't Tell. At the age of 19, Scott Corfield set himself the task of producing his first feature by the time he hit 30.  While in post production on his debut feature film, Crooked Business, Scott hit the 3-0, and fulfilled that. Now, having just turned 40, he’s completed his second feature, Don’t Tell, a court room drama starring Jack Thompson, Rachel Griffiths, and Gyton Grantley. Having had it’s initial cinema release earlier this year, Don’t Tell is now doing a festival circuit. To find out when it’s playing at a festival near you, check out the facebook page at


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