December 26, 2017

E128 | Michala Banas (Replay)

Upper Middle Bogan. McLeod's Daughters. Avenue Q. As the year 2017 draws to a close, instead of a clip show, I decided to step into the time machine, and go all the way back to Episode 2, when I welcomed Michala Banas into the chat cave. It's a trip down memory lane, without the alternate reality.

December 19, 2017

E127 | Simon Starr (Musician)

YID! have not yet been together for a year, but already they are attracting the interest of the broader Australian music audience. They'll be hitting the stage at WOMAdelaide in 2018, and are currently raising money to fund their first recording. The brain child of the 22 piece fusion band, Simon Starr, jumps into the ramble room, to talk on his dual lives between Australia & Israel, a 25 year career in music, and the thinly veiled mask of normality that hides his silly.

Oscar Winning Producer, Shan Ogilvie, never thought he'd hear his film's name called at the Academy Awards. When he & his team set out to make their short film, Stutterer, they just wanted to get it into one film festival. 4 months later, they were holding the grand daddy of all awards. Step into the ramble room to hear how it all happened. 

Space. The final frontier. Not many people get to traverse the earth's atmosphere, and see this big blue marble in all it's glory. Not many people get to circumnavigate it once every 90 minutes. Terry Virts, author & photographer for National Geographic book, View From Above, is one of the rare few. And today, he joins me in the chat cave for a zero gravity ramble.

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