January 30, 2018

E137 | Eli Erez (Teacher)

Eli Erez, my high school drama teacher & the director of countless productions i was in, gave me the chutzpah necessary to pursue my artistic passion.  A big through line of this podcast has been "that teacher that put an arm around my shoulder, and made it safe for me to follow my creative impulses". So today, 15 years since I last stepped into a drama class room, I go to the source - as Eli steps into the chat cave, and I find out what it's like to inspire young minds.

From Sideliners to Who's Line is it Anyway, Whovians, Bounce, and the controversy around the Liverpool vs Sydney FC match, Tegan Higginbotham returns to the chat cave to catch up on the last 3 years. Naturally, it gets silly.

The life of a model isn't just about looking good on camera. They train their bodies like elite athelets, and make big sacrficies to keep their careers in flow. But the mental anxiety and strain placed on these young women is too often overlooked. Grace Quealy got close to the pinnacle in NYC - Victoria's Secret - before coming back to Australia to make a shift in her career. In this very honest appraisal, she reflects on her years in the modelling industry, and the road to becoming an actor slash model.

Supergirly created a storm in the United Kingdom for Lulu McClatchey, going from a small venue performer, to Madonna & Elton Johns' parties, seemingly overnight. Her story takes us from Ringwood to London, and back again, as she jumps in the chat cave for the first new ramble of 2018.

January 5, 2018

E133 | Steph Rice (Replay)

3x Olympic Gold Medal winner, Stephanie Rice rounds out the CUN Retrospective. The chance to speak with her was, pardon the pun, golden, and certainly one of my favourite conversations. Her views, her achievments, her evolution - all mind blowing. 

Sleeping at Last's Ryan O'Neal is one of my favourite musicians, and getting him on the show represented something of a coup. Come this way for some soul filling reflections, for day 4 of the CUN Retrospective.

January 3, 2018

E131 | Julie Benz (Replay)

Day three of the New Year retrospective, and we revisit a moment when the star of Buffy, Dexter, and Hawaii Five-0 invited me into her Los Angeles home to ramble on.

January 2, 2018

E130 | Kat Stewart (Replay)

Continuing the week long retrospective, and I turn to the 20th Episode of Coming Up Next, when I was joined by one of the most prolific actors in Australia, Kat Stewart.

January 1, 2018

E129 | Dylan Lewis (Replay)

Recovery. Just what everyone needs on New Years Day. Following on from my replay of episode 2 with Michala Banas from last week, I've decided to dedicate this week to 5 episodes from the first 18 months of Coming Up Next, starting with the former host of ABC's Recovery, Dylan Lewis.

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