The Quiet American. Patriot Games. Salt. The Bone Collector. Newsfront. Revenge. A few days after being awarded the AACTA Lifetime Achievement Award, legendary film director Phillip Noyce turns his home into the ramble room. From being part of a groundbreaking new wave of filmmakers in Australia, to working with the biggest stars in Hollywood, Phillip's pretty much seen it all. 

February 20, 2018

E140 | Choichun Leung (Artist)

The Young Girl Project is an autobiographical exploration of memory and the subconscious. It's an evolving project of drawings, paintings, video and sound. In the YGP, Choichun Leung takes you into the personal world of the 'young girl’, the silence of sexual abuse and the system of patriarchy in the control of women and children. Here, she tells the story behind the project.

For more of Choi's work, visit or find her on instagram, @choichunleung.

Bernie Brown is a series built on the very grit and determination that inspired the beginning of this podcast. A team of people putting their money where their mouths are, to force the creative life that they have dreamed of. Today, one of the shows producers, and it's lead actor, enter the chat cave to tell me the story.

Emo The Musical is a new spin on a old tale. It's Romeo & Juliette, but with an Emo & a Christian. You can find it on all On Demonad services via It's part of a brilliant new wave of commercially viable, slightly subversive, Australian feature films, and it's writer/directr Neil Triffett isn't shying away from all the tropes. Along with producer, Lee Matthews, Emo The Musical comes under a rambly microscope, as I find out what it takes to get your first feature film up off the ground.

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