March 27, 2018

E145 | Mary Poplin (VFX)

The Kite Runner, Gulliver's Travels, Marvel Films, and Larping. Coming Up Next takes a look behind the curtain of post production, as Boris FX's VFX guru, Mary Poplin, pops into the ramble room. It gets nerdy.

DMNDR is a movement, it's a paradigm shift, it's a revolution - and it's founder, John Belitsky, is in love with chaos. From finance on wall street, and a cab ride across the USA, to establishing a 20,000 square foot artistic space in New York City, John is taking the supply back, and giving you what you demand.


Visit for the revolution.

That's Not My Dog opens nationally in cinemas this week, and one the film's joke telling stars returns to the chat cave! Michala Banas catches me up on the last 3 years of her life since we first spoke, we talk about relationships, auditioning in Los Angeles, as well as a deep tangent that winds up in a discussion about the me too movement.

The Play That Goes Wrong has taken the comedy world by storm. From a small one hour show that played at Edinburgh Fringe, and above a pub, to the toast of the West End, Broadway, and now the rest of the world, this is a true story of how something can explode. One of the original creators of the show, Dave Hearn, pops into the chat cave to give us the inside word.

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