Parkinson's Disease is not something one usually associates with young women coming into their prime. But that was the story for 29 year old design wizard, Emma Lawton. Now 5 years into her diagnosis, she hasn't taken it sitting down. Having just completed a 365 video-a-day project (available on her YouTube channel), Ems has just launched a crowd funding campaign over at, aimed at building a community for people with long term health issues. She's also done a bunch of amazing Ted talks, and recently picked up stand up comedy. Somewhere she found the time to join me in the chat cave to talk about it all.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the music for Ron Howard's film Rush, the 12 Monkeys TV series, and video game Medal of Honour, were all composed by different people. But composer and musician Bryce Jacobs has found a way to stand out from the crowd, through diversifying not only his compositions and playing, but also his mentality about it all. From engineering his own 7 octave guitar, to working for Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions, it's a podcast ramble of epic proportions when Bryce joins me in the chat cave.

Australia's most tattooed Adult Star, Monte Luxe, joins me in the chat cave this week to uncover an industry that always fascinates, but is rarely spoken about. From starting out in Cairns, being in difficult relationships, the first time she stepped on set, and finding her niche as an alternate porn star, Monte sheds a lot of light on this mysterious life. 

Having worked on over 1400 productions in a 40+ year career, Ron Brown felt there was something missing in the Australian industry. He, along with Alan Finney, hatched a plan to create Australia's first (and only) on demand service for Aussie conntent, OzFlix. And this Saturday (April 7th), they hold the first ever OzFlix Independant Film Awards. From touring around the world with his father, who worked in distribution and sales for Universal, working in post production on the first Mad Max, all the way through to starting up OzFlix, it's a ramble of epic proportions when Ron joins me in the chat cave.

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