Sundance Film Festival is the haven for indie filmmakers, so when Goran Stolevski unexpectantly won the Sundance Jury Prize for his (24th) short film, Would You Look At Her, his career moved into a new stratosphere. For this filmmaker born in Macedonia, the journey has been about incremental steps to build a big career. And today, it's a big philosophical ramble.

The Money Shot, and The Band, were the first two feature films from feminist erotic filmmaker, Anna Brownfield. Concurrently to these erotic films, she also made Making It Handmade - a documentary about people who are passionate about craft. Her body of work speaks for itself, but today she waxes on a career of diversity, in a difficult time for the adult film industry. 

He's got 99 Schnitzels, and a veal ain't one of them. After many years in the law game, Josh gave it all up to follow his heart, and pursue his passion - theatre, comedy, and schtick. Now, just 3 years in, he's touring the world with his third show, Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Comedian. Since we went to high school together, and after nearly 10 years of not seeing each other, there was a lot to catch up on. It gets downright silly.

What If It Works? is the debut feature film of actor turned writer/director, Romi Trower. Before she was calling the shots, she featured in shows like Kick, Offspring, and Neighbours. But now she is blazing a trail as a part of the new generation of independant Australian filmmakers.

Sisters, Mustangs FC, and Homecoming Queens were all part of the breakout year that was 2017 for director Corrie Chen. But before that, she spent many years refining her craft through short films, documentary work, quitting for a month, and taking her work overseas. This week, she brings it to the chat cave.

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