Free Solo, and Scotty & The Secret History of Hollywood are two of the most recent films in the 40+ year career of verite documentary film editor, Bob Eisenhardt. So what does it take to put an observational documentary together? And how has that changed over the years? He's just been nominated for a Critics Choice award for his editing work on Free Solo, and today he joins me in the chat cave.

Stop motion animator and filmmaker, Robert Morgan, grew up watching horror films - a fascination with monsters creating an early intrigue into a darker, edgier world. Now, having won some of the biggest accolades, as well as having collaborated with some of the biggest networks, he's going to work on his first mind bending feature. But first, a ramble of epic proportions.

To see Robert's work, click here.

October 16, 2018

E168 | Maha Wilson (Actor)

Ali's Wedding actor, Maha Wilson, joins me in the chat cave to talk about a life that includes spending 15 months travelling from Iraq to Australia with her family at age 6, making home videos with her sister in Sydney, and pursuing a career as an actor.

Mr Inbetween is the TV adaptation of 2005 feature film, The Magician (which you can now watch on Showcase in Australia, or on demand). So what happened from 2005 to 2018? The creator of the film & show, Scott Ryan, joins me in the chat cave to discuss the FX & Blue Tongue produced series, and how it all began.

Scotty & The Secret History of Hollywood tells the untold story of male prostitute & fixer-upper of the Golden Generation of Hollywood, Scotty Bowers. It's an important story, told by verite documentary filmmaker and Vanity Fair journalist, Matt Tyrnauer - and this week, Matt steps into the chat cave to give the inside scoop.

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