Louis Theroux's Love Without Limits documentary, from his Altered States series, opens in Australian Cinemas on Thursday Nov 30th (2018). The series producer (and director of two of the documentaries), Arron Fellows, joins me in the ramble room this week to peel back the curtain on what it's like to make documentaries with Louis, as well as his own journey in the world of non fiction.

November 20, 2018

E173 | Lex Sadler (Musician)

Letterman, Colbert, Blue Note, and Electric Lady Studios are just some of the iconic places that Lex Sadler has played since moving from Perth to NYC. His first big project was Delicatessen in the late 90s, and now he's collaborating with some of the world's top artists on Lex Sadler's Rhythm and Stealth. Today, he's having a ramble.

From an Oreo commercial to Home & Away, the Banno Twins have amassed 15+ years in the Australian film and tv world. So what is it like having a creative soul mate? 

I Used To Be Normal is a documentary that transcends generations of boyband fans. It was a labour of love, put together over 5 years across the globe, by filmmaker Jessica Leski. Today, she pulls the curtain back on the film and how she came to be a boyband fangirl. 

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