February 26, 2019

E187 | Bec Hill (Comedian)

From huge hits on social media with misheard lyrics videos, through to having Dean Cain buy her a steak, Bec Hill's career in comedy has ridden the crest of the social media wave. She grew up in Adelaide, had a run in Australia, and is now domiciled in London. Finding her own unique take on things, Bec incorporates arts and crafts into her stand-up routines in something she calls paper-puppetry. You should go find her work on YouTube, Twitter, and where all good viral videos are posted. In the meantime, she joins me for a ramble of epic proportions. 

Alexander McKenzie started painting at 11 years old, and has gone on to be exhibited extensively, with over 20 solo exhibitions in both Australia and the United Kingdom since 1996. He is a five time finalist in the Archibald Prize for portraiture at the Art Gallery of NSW, and a seven time finalist in the Wynne Prize for Landscape painting. Today, he stops by the chat cave for an in depth ramble on what it means to live the life of an artist.

February 12, 2019

E185 | Rena Owen (Actor)

Once Were Warriors, Star Wars, and, most recently, Siren, are just a few of the highlights in the 3-decade long career of Rena Owen. Join us for a deep chat about what it takes to make a life as an artist.

Vegan food, tested on carnivores - the mantra of cookbook and blog, My Goodness Kitchen. What started out as a grass roots blog, has become a tremendous resource for people looking to dive into the world of the vegan, all delivered with a bit of tongue in cheek. 

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