March 26, 2019

E191 | Guy Pearce (Actor)

LA Confidential, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Proposition, Memento, Neighbours, Iron Man... Family life, having a toddler, growing up with a special needs sibling, the realities of fame, choosing the right roles... Guy Pearce joins me in the chat cave for a raw and intimate ramble.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, and The 50 Hour London Improvathon, are just a handful of the shows that Adam Meggido has had a significant hand in. We break down the gigantic world of improvisation, how he got into it, his philosophical beliefs, and all the usual rambly musings.

SketchShe, the sketch comedy trio, have amassed over half a billion views on YouTube, have performed on Ellen, and started a trend of car-lip-sync based sketches. So how did it all begin? Do they know what's going to hit and what will miss? What's it been like riding the crest of the social media revolution? One of SketchShe's creators, actor/director/writer, Shae-Lee Shackleford, joins me in the chat cave this week to pull the curtain back on her career, SketchShe, and the usual philosophical musings.

Documentary director, Lizzie Kempton, joins me for only my second PubCast. While sipping a beer, we discuss her career from Manchester at iTV, through to London and the BBC. She moved her way up the ranks as a reasearcher to a producer, and has now moved into directing. Her films include How To Die: Simon's Choice; Chris Packham: Aspergers and Me; and Manchester Bomb: Our Story

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